Saturday, May 05, 2018

Stroller review - Chicco Bravo Trio - Best Stroller Ever! (There, I said it. Please pay me.)

I've decided I'm going to review things I use in a dad-ly fashion. I'll be an expert in dad things I use because I have very valid and objective opinions and I don't mind sharing them with people. And for no good reason at all I expect to be such an awesome dad, I figure you're going to want to listen to me because I'm crushing it so far. I mean, I'm almost 3 weeks in and the little nugget is doing great.  She breast-feeds and naps like a champ and fills her diaper like its her job, and she's almost 7 pounds already. I haven't dropped her once. This dad stuff isn't so hard after all!

Anyway, with the stroller its a Chicco Bravo Trio, we got it at Toys 'R Us a few months ago, even before they were totally going out of business.

Chicco Bravo Travel System, Orion
Asleep in the bushes again, that's my girl

It was a floor model and we got a helluva deal on it. $100 off and it was still practically brand new! We stole the thing, if you ask me. As far as we can tell its the Cadillac of the Chicco line of strollers. It has a base you put in the back seat of your Prius. (Where we live in the Bay Area everyone has a Prius so for convenience's sake I will assume you have one too.) The base is this plastic thing you lock, more-or-less permanently, to the car that the car seat with the kid in it snaps into.

Chicco Carseat base
Our kid hella likes Santa Cruz
 Its super easy to lift it in and out. That part is awesome. And then when you put it in the stroller part, it just snaps in there the same way it does into the base, like magic. Way easy. Whoever designed this shit was a goddamned genius. I remember when my kid brother was born back in 1991. We had just invaded Iraq and I was at wrestling practice during my freshman year of high school. Somebody brought a message to the wrestling room. "You just had a kid brother!" they told me, and I remember everyone was congratulating me and saying how cool that was and I was like "What you congratulating me for?  I didn't do anything." and then we went back to practicing wrestling which for me was mainly Steve Krueger putting his sweaty sack and groin in my face while he bent me in ways my body was not intended to. Let's just say I wasn't very good at wrestling. Steve Krueger was very good at wrestling and went to the State finals that year and I just felt lucky to be beat up by him and that he knew my name. But anyway, my memory of car seats and strollers back in the 90's was that they sucked. You had to buckle the car seat in every time with the seat belt like a fool. No one had invented the base thing. What a bunch of idiots we were. It was like we were still banging two rocks together to make fire. Times were so much simpler then. I remember thinking it was cool we were going to liberate Kuwait, which we did in like 3 days, if my memory serves.  And then we conquered Iraq and there was never another problem in the Middle East again! Those were the days.

But I digress...This stroller is way good. I don't have any other strollers to compare it to, really, because we only bought the one and I'm not a famous-enough blogger for companies to send me free shit. If you do read this, GRACO, please send me free stuff. If you pay me, I will write nice things about it. Selling out is my goal in life. We live in a post-keeping-it-real world. I am not "punk" anymore. As I have alluded to in previous posts, I am not cool. I USED to be cool, which makes me an expert on what WAS cool. But in terms of what can be used effectively by middle-aged dads, and whether or not that thing can be recommended, is completely related to how often anyone will send me free stuff and even better, pay me to talk about it. I used to review CDs for five dollars a pop 20 years ago when I was at "college" and I wrote for the local free weekly (that has since gone belly up, I just learned.) My prices have gone up since then, but not much! I'm very affordable. Sign me to an exclusive contract PAMPERS, I can be HAD!


Rachel Brand said...

Groveling for free diapers, this is what having a kid does to a guy who used to be cool.

Dude_Here said...

I wasn't cool before I had a kid. I haven't been cool for like 10 years. If anything, having a kid and making this blog about it, is going to make me cooler than I ever was when I wrote about music. I'll be "Dad-Blog Cool"! So please, keep sending this to all your friends and I'll keep updating it. Oh yeah, and click on all those links and buy stuff. And thanks, mom, for reading. I know I'll always have at least one fan.