Thursday, January 03, 2019

9 Months, plus!

I made some things and I took some pictures. That first one there is a sweet tree-topper I made for Christmas. She's the cutest!

All Hail Amelia!

Then there was this one time we went to SF and took BART. It went smoothly, lil bugger loved it. Not like that one time we were on there without the baby and this lady pulled a knife on some guy that she accused of groping her. She was way crazy. I mean, she was carrying this 8" chef's knife in her waistband. That just good planning on her part. I mean, you're not not going to pull a knife on somebody when you've been carrying it around all day. You're ready! Anybody bumps up against you and BLAMMO, knife time!

First BART ride. She's pumped!

This baby is a smiler. She's just the best at smiling. I may be prejudiced, but you tell me, look at that picture and tell me that's not the best thing ever. The best!

Toothy smiles are my favorite.

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