Monday, September 24, 2018

Five months is like no time at all

Holy crap, this is really crazy. It was like two minutes ago my baby was born and now she's five months old. She's walking, of course. She knows Mandarin as well as conversational Esperanto, and just last week she corrected me on the proper use of semicolons.  Its crazy, they grow up so fast. I'll just clap my hands together real quick for a job well done on this parenting bit. I had help, sure, my wife deserves some credit, but really I've got to admit, it wasn't all that hard. All it takes is a little common sense, a whole lot of intuition and the rest just takes care of itself. Parents of the world, what were you saying about how raising children was hard?

Smile like your baby that way people will know its yours and that you didn't steal if from somewhere.

Ok, sure i'm being facetious. It's tougher than all that. But for the most part its been super fun and awesome. And more than a little credit is due to my awesome and patient wife who does most of the heavy lifting. She's primary food source and nighttime comfort provider. I change diapers, run bath time, make goofy faces while shes nursing and provide moral support. My job is easy. Be helpful when possible and stay out the way, and do no harm when not needed. Anticipate needs, that's big key. Hand wife spit rags, take out the trash, make or forage for dinner. Back-rubs go a long way. That's just good marriage advice from what I can gather, giving more back-rubs increases chances of your marriage working out exponentially.

And heck, even if you don't have kids and/or a wife, try giving out more back rubs and who knows? You might end up with both.

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